Fu and I got to attend the 14th Annual Prism Awards to recognise the work done by public relations and communications companies. This was the first time the awards were held in Cape Town and the organisers pulled out all the stops to make sure it would not be the last time.

The venue was the beautiful Vineyard Hotel and Spa. We started the evening with a selection of wine and snacks at the Splash Cafe where we listened to soft jazz by the South African Navy Marimba Ensemble while watching the final rays of the setting sun bathing the back of Table Mountain in a golden glow.

The only thing better that the delicious finger snacks were the friendly ladies serving them. Their warm smiles, quick humor and knowledge about the snacks they were serving added a special touch to the start of the evening.

I loved this 'fishy' statue at the Splash Cafe and had to stop for a good giggle when I saw the tortoise sign on our way through the lovely gardens to the Awards event on the Camphor Level of the hotel.

Well known South African entertainer Soli Philander was our master of ceremonies for the evening and kept us all laughing with his witty comments and friendly banter with the Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town. He also reminded us to vote for Table Mountain to be recognised as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world, so if you have not yet done this go ahead click on the link and add your vote.

Half way through the ceremony I got an sms from our son to say he was feeling ill so Fu and I decided to skip the after-party and headed home to fetch our kids from our friend's house. I'm happy to report it was nothing to serious and by the end of the weekend he was feeling right as rain again.

To all the Prism winners, congratulations on your awards and to the sposors thank you for the lovely goodies bags we got to take home, my kids loved the giant pen and the chocolates while my favorite was the little statue of Table Mountain.

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  1. i havent browsed your blog enough to comment on the post...but i gather you have great travels and cuisine! thanks for following my blog. cd you pass me your flickr name...i've one too. i would like to add you as contact if no issues.