On set

After a few weeks of rushing around we had planned to spend this past weekend relaxing at home and catching on a few DVDs, however on Saturday we got a call from my kids casting agent asking if they could please take part in a film shoot for a UK TV Series on Sunday morning.

It was a great opportunity for the kids so we spend the rest of the afternoon co-ordinating with the wardrobe department, washing and ironing back-up outfits and generally getting everything ready for a very early start.

On Sunday we left home at 5:30am and headed off to the film base camp, only problem was that they had moved location without telling the agent we were dealing with. After a few quick phone calls we finally managed to get to location at the W&A Waterfront with even still some time to spare.

The kids played the children of one of the central characters for that episode, so first up they needed a few still photos to use as props on set, the kids posed with their film parents in both formal and informal outfits. Then it was time for a wardrobe change before we set off to the beautiful Camps Bay to film on the beach.

The film crew was lovely and everyone was very sweet to the kids making them feel at ease and ensuring that they had fun doing the shoot. We were especially taken with British actor Alistair Petrie, who played their dad for the day. He had the kids laughing from the first moment they met and when he was not needed at the beach shoot he came and sat with Fu and me and had a long chat.

Once finish with the film shoot the kids posed for a few more 'family' still shots at the beach and a second location in Camps Bay before heading back to the base camp.

By the time we got back to the Waterfront we had just enough time for the kids to pack up their bag and get changed before sitting down to a delicious curry buffet lunch finished off with their favorite ice cream and chocolate sauce before we headed back home again.

All in all it was a busy but fun day and an amazing introduction to the film world for both kids.

I am so proud of them, they were very well behaved and we got a number of compliments from the crew saying they were a pleasure to work with. The Monday after the shoot we got a call inviting our teen son to attend another audition for an international fruit juice TV advert.

We took him to the audition and now we just have to wait and see what happens.


  1. truly great! congratulations! i hope your kids do you proud day by day!

  2. Thank you very much - they are brilliant kids, I am very blessed :-)

  3. How awesome! Be sure to let us know time and channel - how exciting!

  4. Unfortunately we might not even see it as this show is not on South African TV :-( its a BBC and CNN production - but I'm going to try and buy it once it is available :-)