Banana Muffins

The one thing in this world I really hate is wasting food, so this morning when I discovered two very sad-looking bananas in my fruit bowl I knew it was time to get out the old Banana Muffin recipe and put them to good use.

Spread with butter and drizzled with honey these make a fantastic afternoon snack or serve them with cream cheese and diced bacon for an alternative breakfast.

Banana Muffins

2 eggs
50g castor sugar  (2oz superfine sugar)
150ml milk (5 fl oz or just over half a cup)
50g melted butter / baking margarine (2oz)
2 over ripe bananas mashed with a fork
275g self-raising flour (10oz)
1tsp baking powder (5ml)
1tsp ground cinnamon (5ml)

Paper muffin cases or use silicone muffin cups so they slide out easily

- Heat over to 200C (400F or gas 6)
- Line a muffin pan with the paper cases.
- Wisk eggs, sugar, milk and butter together in a mixing bowl.
- Stir in the mashed banana, baking powder, flour and cinnamon till the mixture is just combined, do not over mix.
-  Spoon mixture into prepared muffin pan and bake for about 30 min or untill golden brown and cooked through.
- Let them stand for about 5 min in the baking dish before taking them out and serving, they are delicious hot or cold.

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