About us


After much deliberation, I have decided to follow my heart and take the leap into finally starting my own catering business specialising in cakes and cupcakes. Join me on my adventures (and I’m sure a few misadventures) as I find out what lies ahead on the candy coated road to catering heaven.

I will be trying new recipes, looking for ways to advertise my business and even make time for some general goofing around. While at the same time trying my best to be a good Catholic, wife, mother, daughter and friend.With a jet setting mom, a hilarious husband, a precocious pre-teen and a very  sharp teenager in the house to keep me on my toes life can only be fun.

Let the adventure continue.


Left to fend for himself at a young age, Fu decided to live a life of crime in which he would rob restaurants, defraud malls and steal cars. Before he went down this dark path, he discovered that if he worked as a journalist the restaurants would feed him for free, malls would give him all kinds of ‘test’ gifts and automakers would pay him to drive their vehicles.

He suspects that one day his ruse will be discovered, whereupon he will take up a career as a funeral director because the most interesting people he has met so far in his life have been the dead ones.

Fu is a practicing Catholic and hopes that one day, after much practice, he’ll get it right.